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A gay configuration language

Updated 2 years ago

A Minimal kernel for the Arduino Due

Updated 11 months ago

A modern wrapper for libc with less boilerplate

Updated 2 years ago

make files and streams gay, the easy way

Updated 2 years ago

My dumb code for the Advent of Code 2021 challenges

Updated 2 years ago

Keymash, the K stands for Kernel

Updated 1 month ago

My personal blog

Updated 7 months ago

Rust clone of xkpasswd

Updated 1 year ago

An advanced build tool for Rust and other languages, primarily designed for systems programming

Updated 6 months ago

A simple show IP tool

Updated 1 year ago

A simple wrapper for the poweroff command to prevent you from doing stupid things

Updated 11 months ago

Prototype Quantum Wave Function Collapse implementation in TypeScript

Updated 11 months ago

Somewhat experimental and sporadically maintained fork of a fork of a fork of Mastodon

Updated 2 months ago

Convenient CLI utility for performing HTTP requests

Updated 8 months ago