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A magically descriptive UI framework that wraps around native libraries, game engines, and even the web. Nowhere near finished.

Updated 1 month ago

An advanced build tool for Rust and other languages, primarily designed for systems programming

Updated 3 months ago

Keymash, the K stands for Kernel

Updated 3 months ago

My personal blog

Updated 3 months ago

Convenient CLI utility for performing HTTP requests

Updated 4 months ago

fork of catstodon, which is a fork of glitch-soc, which is a fork of mastodon

Updated 6 months ago

Prototype Quantum Wave Function Collapse implementation in TypeScript

Updated 7 months ago

A simple wrapper for the poweroff command to prevent you from doing stupid things

Updated 8 months ago

A Minimal kernel for the Arduino Due

Updated 8 months ago

A simple show IP tool

Updated 10 months ago

Rust clone of xkpasswd

Updated 1 year ago

My dumb code for the Advent of Code 2021 challenges

Updated 2 years ago

make files and streams gay, the easy way

Updated 2 years ago

A modern wrapper for libc with less boilerplate

Updated 2 years ago

A gay configuration language

Updated 2 years ago