My dumb code for the Advent of Code 2021 challenges
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day 3 part 2
this is horrible, thank you
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Advent of Code 2021

These are my personal solutions for the Advent of Code 2021 challenges. Please note that these are definitely not the best ways of solving the problems from a software architecture point of view, but that is not my intention. This means you should not take this as sound design advice for your projects, especially since i'm very new to Rust and want to play with the language to build some intuition for what works well and what you should rather not do. I'm trying to solve everything using interesting algorithms, bit bangers, and similar stuff that is highly optimized to tackle just the very specific problem at hand, rather than to come up with a general solution.


My input files are in input and should be fed into the program's stdin. For example, to run the challenge for day 2, type

cat input/day02.txt | cargo run day02

Starting from day 3, the individual challenges are further subdivided into part 1 and 2. The input stays the same, but the binary name is dayXXpY:

cat input/day03.txt | cargo run day03p1


Everything is released under the 2-Clause BSD License, which can be found in the LICENSE file.