An advanced build tool for Rust and other languages, primarily designed for systems programming
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anna 54a21f9121
vim: add gaybuild syntax file
This is sort of half-finished and probably full
of bugs, but it works for the most part.
At least it's nicer to look at than blank text.
2 years ago
.idea add IntelliJ config stuff 2 years ago
src lex: fix incorrect cursor position tracking 2 years ago
vim/syntax vim: add gaybuild syntax file 2 years ago
.gitignore initial commit uwu 2 years ago
Cargo.lock initial commit uwu 2 years ago
Cargo.toml add lexer and test file 2 years ago
operator-precedence.txt lex: remove ** operator 2 years ago
test.gaybuild ast: allow definitions in loop head 2 years ago